Classroom design in the 21st century

The way we view classrooms has changed a lot of the last few years and through observation and research we have learnt that the way a classroom is set up can have a huge effect on the learning of the students. Setting up an inclusive, engaging and positive environment for students to learn in is just as important as what is being taught. The seating arrangement, the way the tables are set up, the information on display, the positioning of reading areas, posters, furniture etc. can play a big part in how engaged or distracted students are when it comes to their learning.

Traditionally classrooms were set up in rows facing the board with teacher-centered learning, however more and more today in the classroom we are seeing groups of tables facing each other to encourage collaborative learning, quiet areas with cushions so students can work alone, read and we are seeing more use of ICT in the classroom with smart boards, laptops, ipads being used all over the room.

The way in which teachers set up their classrooms is changing to cater for a changing world with more technology and with a different understanding of the way in which students learn. Each class has different needs for their learning and therefore each classroom should be set up to cater for that to enhance learning.


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