The electronic learning space

Ipads in the classroom

I think there is a fine line with over using technology for the sake of it or using it for beneficial learning. My brothers school is an Apple certified school in which every student from Year 1 up has an ipad that they are required to bring on a daily basis and do the majority of their work on at school (depending on the teacher, but it is encouraged). Their homework is all done on the ipad, their textbooks (when they get to high school) are all on the ipad and their work at school involves using interactive apps, or notes pages to do their work.

I think there are positives and negatives to this program, the students hand writing is suffering due to the lack of writing and the screen time does do damage to their eyes, not to mention the use of technology should be embedded through all learning areas but it shouldn’t be the centre of all learning necessarily. I think introducing technology into the classroom is very important and has so many benefits as listed in the Queensland Education Initiative ‘Smart Classrooms’. I also believe that when using technology ensure it is the best and most accurate way to introduce and teach a topic and not the only way. We know students learn in many different ways, so only providing students with one medium to learn is limiting them when we should be exposing them to as much knowledge, tools and strategies for learning as possible.

Ipads are popular and well liked because they are seen as fun, especially by children who put games on them and they are seen as being ‘up to date’ to use in the classroom. They are viewed as being a flashy new way of teaching but the principle should still apply that they should be used only to enhance learning not to base learning around the apps or tools available.


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