The 5 Key Learning Spaces: The Individual Learning Space

The next learning space we are going to look at is the individual learning space. This really focuses on self-directed learning and the concept of creating lifelong learners.

  • When looking at the individual learning space we take into consideration when, where and how we learn as individuals. When looking at this outside the classroom we discover that as learners we are re-active instead of pro-active when it comes to our education. Continuing on with the idea of life long learners we need to consider how to implement strategies to assist our students with being pro-active towards their learning so that their education continues outside the school setting (Kop, Fournier, 2010) .
  • This can be done by fostering and encouraging students to become self-directed learners. Self-directed learners take responsibility for their own learning and in doing so take direction of their education in the classroom and beyond (Smith, 1996).
  • Becoming a self-directed learner works students towards the idea of lifelong learning in which as humans we apply the concept that we can continue to learn in all areas of our life for as long we live. Becoming a lifelong learner is a powerful tool for students to live by and can shape the way in which they live their lives (Kop, Fournier, 2010).
  • Getting back to the individual learning space to define what it looks like and where it occurs, the answer is simply everywhere. If we can establish the concept in our students of self-directed lifelong learning then the result will be that the children in our class can and will learn in any area of their lives and in any location, inside and outside the classroom (Smith, 1996).
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