The Design Process of the Classroom and Outdoor Area of 2063

The Design Process has been a long one but also full of learning. It started with trying many programs to create the design and then after many attempts settling on one to use. Then I began to think of the different considerations I will need to incorporate into the design. This is a list of what I have come up with so far, it may change.

Considerations when designing:

  • Open plan layout to open up the classroom and extend it to include the outside which linked it to the veggie patch, chicken coop and outdoor area.
  • Maximising group collaborative learning areas in a way that allowed for multiple learning areas some formal some more relaxed.
  • The use of technology evident in the classroom through the Smartboards and iPad/laptop areas.
  • Lighting was another consideration when designing an open plan style to allow for natural light in the room with the use of glass doors and windows.
  • Extending the classroom learning areas to utilise the outside area when possible was another consideration.
  • Safety was also a big consideration to allow for easier supervision of all areas inside and out, by making areas visible and easy to access.
  • With this design there is an underlying theme of a natural setting using natural light, elements and including the outdoor area.
  • There is also a sustainable aspect to the design in which the environment is used to teach the students through the use of a veggie patch, compost heap, recycling area, water tank, green house and chicken coop.
  • The design inside the classroom opens up the room to allow students to move from one area to another freely and would benefit rotational work, group work, individual work and can also be used for whole class direct teaching when needed.

I am still in the stages of building the area and I am up to the final stages, however, it’s not ready for publishing yet.

I hope to finish in the next few days and publish it, once I have figured out how to.



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