My Finished Classroom and Outdoor Area Design for 2063 (Scenario 4)

This has been a long process but one full of learning. I have tried many design programs and apps and ended up choosing Floorplanner to complete my design. There were many considerations I had to take into account when designing and I have listed some below.

Considerations when designing:

  • Open plan layout to open up the classroom and extend it to include the outside which linked it to the veggie patch, chicken coop and outdoor area.
  • Maximizing group collaborative learning areas in a way that allowed for multiple learning areas some formal some more relaxed.
  • The use of technology evident in the classroom through the Smartboards and iPad/laptop areas.
  • Lighting was another consideration when designing an open plan style to allow for natural light in the room with the use of glass doors and windows.
  • Extending the classroom learning areas to utilize the outside area when possible was another consideration.
  • Safety was also a big consideration to allow for easier supervision of all areas inside and out, by making areas visible and easy to access.
  • With this design there is an underlying theme of a natural setting using natural light, elements and including the outdoor area.
  • There is also a sustainable aspect to the design in which the environment is used to teach the students through the use of a veggie patch, compost heap, recycling area, water tank, green house and chicken coop.
  • The design inside the classroom opens up the room to allow students to move from one area to another freely and would benefit rotational work, group work, individual work and can also be used for whole class direct teaching when needed.

In the end I am happy with my design and believe it would suit the needs of both the students and teachers.

My planning I completed on Microsoft Word to do my basic layout. The link for the plan is below.

Scenario 4 Design

Then it came time to create this plan. Using Floorplanner and my design on Microsoft Word I created the following Classroom and Outdoor Area Design.

2063 Classroom Design

Outside Design 2063

So just to summarize what each area includes in its layout I wrote a list for each to highlight the key features.

The classroom:

  • Collaborative learning area with desks, chairs and shelves with resources.
  • Computer area with lap tops, desks and chairs.
  • Group learning area with desks, chairs and Smartboard/projector.
  • Art area with easels and art supplies.
  • A relaxed reading and working area with lounges and cushions.
  • A storage area.
  • Large windows and sliding doors along the sides facing the outdoor areas.

The Outdoor area:

  • A fenced veggie patch with rows of crops and a lattice for growing plants.
  • A water tank which supplies the water for all the outdoor area’s needs.
  • 2 verandas connected to the classroom for children to sit on, work on and to extend the classroom.
  • A compost heap, a recycling area and a worm farm to teach sustainability.
  • A green house for growing plants and flowers.
  • A shaded group table and chairs for outside group work.
  • A shaded seating area for socializing on the breaks or group work.
  • A water feature to emit a calming presence to the area.
  • A covered sandpit area for playing in on the breaks.
  • A shaded playground area for use on the breaks.
  • Ball courts and equipment storage facilities.
  • Benches under trees and around the area for the students.
  • A chicken coop for the chickens and to teach responsibility and care.
  • Gardens, trees and grass on as much as the area as possible to keep the environment natural.

Throughout this learning process I referred back to my previous assignment on the 5 Key Learning Spaces and the texts I referred to helped me create this space with the students and teachers interests in mind.

I believe this space would serve the purpose of creating a new classroom and outdoor area to fit with the needs of Scenario 4.

 It’s 2063 and the last of the 1960′s prefab classrooms are being decommissioned. You have been given the brief to redesign a classroom that has direct access to the school yard, veggie patch and chooks.

The design of the classroom and outdoor area isn’t overly futuristic as I kept things simple and tried to have more of a focus on connecting students with the natural and outdoor environment to fit the requirements of a school yard, veggie patch and chickens.

Let me know what you think of my design!




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