The 5 Key Learning Spaces: The Group Learning Space

The last learning space we will look at is the group learning space. This will look at what to consider when establishing group learning and how to best maximize the use of group learning.

  • The group learning space has dramatically changed in the last few years from being a space in which the participants are together physically such as in a meeting, in the classroom, in a study group, etc. to a new way of meeting with people and the group learning space being spread out across the world and meeting through online forums and sights.
  • Due to the format of the group learning space changing we as teachers need to be aware of the different ways and tools that can be utilised to create group learning spaces. We can create spaces such as a cluster of lap tops set up in a quiet space in the classroom to allow for online learning and sharing to creating a class forum or blog to allow online communication and learning in a group outside the confines of the classroom setting (Dumont, Istance, Benavides, 2010).
  • In changing the group learning space we still need to be aware of the limits and boundaries that need to be in place for a well established group learning space.
  • Boundaries such as:

-Being aware of online restrictions to stop inappropriate misuse.

-Strong anti-bullying rules set up to ensure constructive group communication is taking place.

-Having the group forums set up so that you the teacher can access them to monitor learning.


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