Reflecting Back

As this unit EDFD459 comes to an end and so does my Education Degree (yay!) I can now look back on what I have learnt in my final semester at University.

Looking back at where I started- not very familiar with online websites apart from facebook and instagram, I can say I have learnt a lot about using the online medium as a learning and networking tool. I feel that I am now more confident when it comes to navigating new programs, apps, blogs or online accounts. I can also now say that I feel that I have come a long way in terms of my understanding of the online learning space and that I can now navigate throughout it better to enhance my own learning.

Looking back at the Semester though my Mind Map (made on Xmind throughout the semester) it is really great to see how much learning has occurred in the midst of my busiest semester ever with uni and my internship. It feels like a very positive way to end the year and my degree.

Reflection on Semester 2 EDFD459

This will be my last post for now as I finish up this unit.



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